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Carburators and Linkage

Quick Fuel carburators


new carburators in stock for immeadiate delivery. We stock 750 CFM and 850 CFM carbs that are specially prepped for use with roots style blowers.these kits are complete with polished stainless line kits and Enderle linkage. 850 kit $1895   750 kit $1849

Edelbrock Blower ready carb kits


We recommend this kit for all engines under 400"that are regularly street driven. Great throttle response and no stumbling around corners are a big plus with this kit.All carbs utilize the Edelbrock "Enduroshine" coating which resembles chrome plating and lasts for years . Dual arbs with polished stainless line kit and Enderle linkage $1395 complete

Enderle Linkage Kits


The best and everyone agrees. Your choice of inline or sideways mounted carbs.Comes with complete instructions. $139.00

MPR Polished Stainless Fuel line kits


Line kits for holley,quick Fuel and Edelbrock available in red or black.Complete with all fittings and hardware.$189.00

Holley Sniper EFI for Blown engines


The latest and trickest blower induction product,this system is awesome for street freaks up to 650 horsepower and its self tuning. Requires a MSD style distributor . Has a cockpit dashboard for tuning it yourself. Also available for 1200 horsepower engines .

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